Every child has different personalities and when it comes down to sports, one must understand how one deals with athletes being winners or losers. For athletes that are use to winning, they feel optimistic, think public success feels good, become more likely to practice with great vigor, and actions leads to manageable stress. On the other hand, athletes whom are use to losing, feels hopeless, thinks nothing they do seems to work, is more likely to give up when things are challenging and actions lead to self defeat or self destruction. Thats when leaders, according to A. Dubrin (2007), needs to be "heavily involved in persuading, motivating and spearheading useful challenges". (p. 231) When coaches apply good educationleadership qualitiesof sports it helps to remember that "leadership reflects attitudes". Coaches must be positive in the continuance of keeping athletes whom are use to winning motivated and for the athletes that are use to losing coaches must be patient and willing to get those athletes to have a change of heart and began to improve their attitudes for the better toward those negative thoughts.

K. Nolen

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