There is a lot of aggression from athletes when playing sports. Aggression that some athletes did not know they even had. However, athletes have to learn how to have self control over their aggression by being patient and knowing the consequences of it. Aggression can cause athletes to lose control of the game, receive self and others injuries, as well as encounter disciplinary actions by the organization. Aggression is considered an act of violence and never should be tolerated. Once athletes are notice of their aggression, they are now constantly watched. Coaches and other staff will try to figure out what triggers the behaviour. They will be like spies, have discussions and interventions to correct the behaviour. Some athletes is in the need of affection or attention, so that is why they act out. A provision of alternatives should be given to make the athlete better understand how to cope. Play smart without the aggression has to become a mental behavior to learn to keep athletes focus.

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