When being introduced to a new environment, it can be freighting or exciting for someone. Change is always seen uncomfortanble at the beginning, due to previous experiences. Becoming accustomed to the sports industry brings along many aspects and needs that are seen to be tackled if one wants to succeed. A persons visit or new job always is prepared to go without bumps and flats in the transition, however it can be different. 
        If the person giving the tour or directions is positive and willing to give guidance, the transition can be smooth for the newcomer. No one wants to be thrown to the wolves. This is an accident waiting to happen for the organization and newcomer as well. The newcomer should not be set aside to view things on their own, unless previous tours or guidance are given. 
        It may take up to three weeks to a month or more for the newcomer to be accustom to the organization, depending on the job. That is where the newcomer orientation comes in. Within the orientation the newcomer should be given the overall concern about the organization, advice, positive shadows to follow and handbooks. Most of all there needs to be a probation period, so the newcomer isn't overwhelmed by the new transition and all that it brings, such as the different personalities of others. The probation period can be strenuous to some and can be energectically to others. That is why it gives everyone involved a chance to view the strength and weaknesses of each other and the organization. 
        Take note of everything that concern the newcomer as well as the organization as a whole in order to make the transition positive and welcoming. While doing so the transition will go well for the organization and the newcomer will feel great to be another addition to the sports industry within the organization.

K. Nolen


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