According to dictionary, the term "sportsmanship" is define as "conduct (as fairness, respect for one's opposite and graciousness iin winning or losing) becoming to one participating in a sport". This a topic that is often brought up and discussed in various sporting arenas; yet, I don't believe that it is taught to the extent that is should be. When dealing with younger athletes in sports, it is imperative to teach them the value of being a "good sport"; as well as how to exemplify the characteristics of good sportsmanship. Some of those values include gaining self control, having fun, but more importantly becoming a better athlete. Overall, good sportsmanship is about respect, discipline, and playing by the rules. On the other hand, parents must show the sportsmanship characteristic as well. No matter if its their child or someone elses child. Children are very observant to what their parents do or say as well as to what other parents do or say too. Once mastering the practice of good sportsmanship, one can realize that it is okay if you don't win every game; as long as one has tried his or her best. Ultimately, it is the love of the game that outweighs the final outcome.

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