Everyone has heard the word "Safety" on many occasions. Safety is known as a prevention of accidents and the alleviation of personal injury or property damage that may occur. In the sports industry, safety is a main concern of coaches, athletes and family. There are many accidents that can happen in sports, that can be prevented with the help of proper attire, safe environments, pre-warmups, and post cool downs. The proper attire consists of wearing the right gear for the sport of choice. If the weather is cold, the athlete should have on layers and if it's hot the athlete should have on sunscreen. Safe environments consists of playing feilds kept from holes, lumps and for courts, they should be wood or rubber not concrete. Spillage of any liquid should not be on courts. Pre-warmups starts before the actual sport. Stretches, jumping jacks and jogging in place gets the muscles warmed up. At the end of the actual sport athletes should cool down by walking and doing the proper stretches. This allows the body to gradually calm down and the body will less likely have cramps or pulls from any muscle.

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