Everyone has heard the saying "Practice makes Perfect" no matter what their life career or job consist of. As for individuals whom played or play their sport of choice hear the saying constintely. The saying is considered to be a learning method to instill as a motivator that improve one in a particular sport, which helps gain skills to make them great. As for the game of basketball, there are many fundamentals needed in order to be a sucessful coach, player, etc. 
    Along with practicing comes reinforcement of someone who has excell in the skills as an informant, that helps others to gain progress to be successful. Guidance is always needed to be great in any career or job. 
        That is why there is a need for an instructional settings, so that when it is performance time those skill are showcase. The way someone practice is the way they will perform.  Practicing the skill as if one is performing is necessary. Practicing the skills with full attention and energy just like one would do if they are performing will be seen as a person whom is focus and determine to make a difference. Without instructional guidance, there is tragedy within. Always practice to be better and overcome difficulty that comes at times.
K. Nolen


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