Point Guards, Quarterbacks, Pitchers, Forwards, etc.  No matter what the sport is, most kids who play sports, have a desire to play in one of these key roles.  Why?  Because since the beginning of time, society has identified these positions as star roles on any team.  So, naturally, children want to be the star of their teams.  Usually the players in these positions are the top-notch players on the team.  However, what some people don’t realize (or maybe there’s just not enough emphasis given to it) is the fact that there are other roles on the team that are just as important.  In basketball, a team is almost defenseless, without a ‘center’ (big man).  Who is the quarterback going to throw the ball to, other than the ‘wide receiver’?  The baseball field would seem as big as the ocean, if it weren’t for the outfielders.  And even in soccer, although the forwards are in the front of the game, the midfielders are the silent heroes of the sport, because they have to cover the full field; both offense and defense. 

The bottom line is this: all positions are necessary for whatever sport you’re playing.  Everyone can’t play certain roles.  It’s only natural that some people are better in certain areas or positions than others.  The key thing is to learn what skills you’re best at and perfect those skills.  Even though some roles are in the spotlight more than others, that’s not to say that they don’t need the rest of the team to play the game.  A successful team should be like a well-fitted glove.  It fits snugly and requires all five fingers to be worn properly.  Our children should be taught that no matter what position they’re playing, as long as they play their best and feel good about themselves, then that’s all that really matters.  Perhaps we should stop giving so much attention to these most common positions, and starts shining some light on other areas of these games as well.  Maybe then our children will start embracing these other positions and playing to the best of their abilities; knowing that they are contributing greatly to their teams.


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