Being educated is seen as a game changer to many whom are trying to become better at a particular job, craft, or skill. When exserting great effort at becoming better, one always have to do his or her homework. Homework requires dedication and concentration of self to go much further in learning and understanding the task given at hand. On the other hand, when dealing with the game of basketball, athletes must be given direction by one that has fullfill and excelled at that particular task. Just know, when coaching athletes, they are quick to recognize when a coach is not prepared. Homework teaches athletes how to be subjective and take responsibility toward tasks that are done independently. Athletes start to create a routine, that allows them to gain a habit thats good for them to be profecient in the sport. Homework is not seen to be a punishment, but as a requirement to become better as a student and athlete. Homework allows athletes to conduct self reflections, questions of their experiences, develop fluency and ensures them how to stay steadfast to conquer their ultimate task. Homework is a needed necessity to grow. 

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