Within the playing field of sports there are many challenges to face. Challenges come from many directions; academics, drugs, injuries, misconduct and scandals. Athletes need to have an understanding that they are the center of attention and need to conduct themselves accordingly. Academics needs to be taken seriously because they are "students first, athletes second". The need to keep grades at a certain gpa allows athletes to compete and others to see they are not considered "dumb jocks". Every athlete should take into consideration that injuries can occur at anytime, while playing a sport, whether on the playing field or not. The proper conditioning and understanding of drills is a necessary. When dealing with drugs, athletes need to know they are everywhere and please have awareness. Drugs will cripple their life long journey to get to the top of their potential. Then there is the conduct of athletes. Athletes should conduct themselves in a positive manner on and off the court and know the use of equanimity, which is the calmness, eveness of the mind and temper.

K. Nolen

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