Having the skills of communication is needed in order to survive everyday in everything that one does. In sports, coaches as well as athletes must know that communication makes the tasks easier.  However, communication skills start with coaches. Coaches need to know do they have their athletes attention, are they easily understood when communicating. Also do athletes believe and accept what their coaches are saying. Communication goes a long way. When positive communicatiion is giving, athletes will feel they can talk with their coaches about the sport as well as everyday life situations. According to (Crookes, 1991), coaches and staff must be clear (information must presented with clarity), concise (do not lose the message, be brief), correct (no misleading information), complete (give all information, not part), courteous (polite, non threatening) and constructive (positive, not critical or negative).

CROOKES (1991) Complan Column. Athletics Coach, 25(3), p.13

K. Nolen


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