When youth athletes began playing sports, they are given basic instincts of the game. In the game of basketball, youth participants are taught that playing defense and offense is a major component in winning. When playing defense, they are told to protect the goal and make sure no one make a shot. Boxing out, trap, steal and block are taught over and over, so that it becomes natural. Once the possession changes, the mental state changes to scoring on the opponent. Youth participants learn to protect the ball by using certain dribbling, passing, speed drills and how to make the most profecient shot. Knowing the basic lessons allow youth participants to get better and learn more about the sport of basketball.

                There is a lot of aggression from athletes when playing sports. Aggression that some athletes did not know they even had. However, athletes have to learn how to have self control over their aggression by being patient and knowing the consequences of it. Aggression can cause athletes to lose control of the game, receive self and others injuries, as well as encounter disciplinary actions by the organization. Aggression is considered an act of violence and never should be tolerated. Once athletes are notice of their aggression, they are now constantly watched. Coaches and other staff will try to figure out what triggers the behaviour. They will be like spies, have discussions and interventions to correct the behaviour. Some athletes is in the need of affection or attention, so that is why they act out. A provision of alternatives should be given to make the athlete better understand how to cope. Play smart without the aggression has to become a mental behavior to learn to keep athletes focus.
                The game is at an intense stage, athletes are in a mental game zone, language is at an extreme level. Every athlete is use to talking trash, however; the usage of profanity means its gone too far. Athletes choice of profanity usage can lead to them losing playing time, being ejected, suspended from a certain amount of games or kicked off the team. The chice of words not only effect the individual athlete, but the whole team. Having just voicing profanity words can spread like a contagion virus. Everyone on the team will began to have filthy language once fustration begans. Athletes need to find other words to put in those profanity slots. Also, athletes need to realize that the crowd is always looking and listening. Cameras and instant replay are everywhere, so "choose your words wisely" no matter if the situation gets rowdy.

K. Nolen  
                Back in the day, the term ‘role model’ was far and few.  A person had to really portray certain attributes and characteristics in order to receive that label; such as, having integrity, always showing respect, being kind, etc.  These days, it seems that every new professional basketball player, or other athlete, is automatically given the title of ‘role model’; regardless of their personal lives, moral beliefs, and reputations.  Therefore, our children are watching these athletes on television and at games and they are looking up to them; wanting to be just like them.  Yet, most children don’t care whether this so called role model has good character or not.  They simply see the fame and millions of dollars and think that when they get older, they’ll be in the same position…not realizing that there is always a price to being famous.
                The downside of being a professional athlete, be it basketball or not, is that not everyone is willing to be a role model.  There are many athletes who simply love the game and could care less about the hype that comes along with it.  A perfect example is Charles Barkley.  Charles Barkley once said in an interview that he never asked to be a role model.  However, whether asked or not, professional athletes have to know that, just as celebrities, when you are in the limelight of being famous, your life becomes open to the public.  Every little thing, especially anything negative, is criticized and blown out of proportion.  Why, because as long as fans continue to pay money to go to games or events, and watch them on television, they will feel as though they are owed something by the athletes; whether it’s simply an insight into their personal lives, or the right to express an opinion.  Therefore, if professional athletes don’t want to have every aspect of their lives critiqued by the public, then they should practice better behaviors, especially within the public eye. 
K. Nolen
                Point Guards, Quarterbacks, Pitchers, Forwards, etc.  No matter what the sport is, most kids who play sports, have a desire to play in one of these key roles.  Why?  Because since the beginning of time, society has identified these positions as star roles on any team.  So, naturally, children want to be the star of their teams.  Usually the players in these positions are the top-notch players on the team.  However, what some people don’t realize (or maybe there’s just not enough emphasis given to it) is the fact that there are other roles on the team that are just as important.  In basketball, a team is almost defenseless, without a ‘center’ (big man).  Who is the quarterback going to throw the ball to, other than the ‘wide receiver’?  The baseball field would seem as big as the ocean, if it weren’t for the outfielders.  And even in soccer, although the forwards are in the front of the game, the midfielders are the silent heroes of the sport, because they have to cover the full field; both offense and defense. 

The bottom line is this: all positions are necessary for whatever sport you’re playing.  Everyone can’t play certain roles.  It’s only natural that some people are better in certain areas or positions than others.  The key thing is to learn what skills you’re best at and perfect those skills.  Even though some roles are in the spotlight more than others, that’s not to say that they don’t need the rest of the team to play the game.  A successful team should be like a well-fitted glove.  It fits snugly and requires all five fingers to be worn properly.  Our children should be taught that no matter what position they’re playing, as long as they play their best and feel good about themselves, then that’s all that really matters.  Perhaps we should stop giving so much attention to these most common positions, and starts shining some light on other areas of these games as well.  Maybe then our children will start embracing these other positions and playing to the best of their abilities; knowing that they are contributing greatly to their teams.

            Within the playing field of sports there are many challenges to face. Challenges come from many directions; academics, drugs, injuries, misconduct and scandals. Athletes need to have an understanding that they are the center of attention and need to conduct themselves accordingly. Academics needs to be taken seriously because they are "students first, athletes second". The need to keep grades at a certain gpa allows athletes to compete and others to see they are not considered "dumb jocks". Every athlete should take into consideration that injuries can occur at anytime, while playing a sport, whether on the playing field or not. The proper conditioning and understanding of drills is a necessary. When dealing with drugs, athletes need to know they are everywhere and please have awareness. Drugs will cripple their life long journey to get to the top of their potential. Then there is the conduct of athletes. Athletes should conduct themselves in a positive manner on and off the court and know the use of equanimity, which is the calmness, eveness of the mind and temper.

K. Nolen
When looking at the history of Americans, we are a people who love to win. No matter the job occupancy one holds, winning and being the best is always a target to be reached. We take pride in ourselves when we win; and it helps to boost the morale of the people. The same is true when it comes down to sports. When playing sports, everyone wants to be number one. Being second or third is good but not good enough in many American eyes. When a person is on a team, he or she has a goal in mind to win as many games as possible. The more wins a team produces, the more fans are interested. Not only does winning make happier athletes, but it gains more exposure for the organization as a whole.

        When a organization wants to be set aside from other organizations, there is a need for a strategy to be in place. A strategy " is management action plans for competing successfully and operating profibility, based on the integrated array of choices". TDBA,Inc.; is an organization that is open from any and all ideas from their staff members. It is great to know that some organization are open to ideas from staff members regarding strategic discussions and the resolution of key issues that may ocurr. Within a organization, there should be some kind of certainty. Everyone involved in a organization should be allowed to speak and have their ideas heard. Staff will be aware and become capable of coming to an agreement for the betterment of the organization. There must be an strategy in place and ran correctly in order to suceed.
            Every child has different personalities and when it comes down to sports, one must understand how one deals with athletes being winners or losers. For athletes that are use to winning, they feel optimistic, think public success feels good, become more likely to practice with great vigor, and actions leads to manageable stress. On the other hand, athletes whom are use to losing, feels hopeless, thinks nothing they do seems to work, is more likely to give up when things are challenging and actions lead to self defeat or self destruction. Thats when leaders, according to A. Dubrin (2007), needs to be "heavily involved in persuading, motivating and spearheading useful challenges". (p. 231) When coaches apply good educationleadership qualitiesof sports it helps to remember that "leadership reflects attitudes". Coaches must be positive in the continuance of keeping athletes whom are use to winning motivated and for the athletes that are use to losing coaches must be patient and willing to get those athletes to have a change of heart and began to improve their attitudes for the better toward those negative thoughts.

K. Nolen
Being educated is seen as a game changer to many whom are trying to become better at a particular job, craft, or skill. When exserting great effort at becoming better, one always have to do his or her homework. Homework requires dedication and concentration of self to go much further in learning and understanding the task given at hand. On the other hand, when dealing with the game of basketball, athletes must be given direction by one that has fullfill and excelled at that particular task. Just know, when coaching athletes, they are quick to recognize when a coach is not prepared. Homework teaches athletes how to be subjective and take responsibility toward tasks that are done independently. Athletes start to create a routine, that allows them to gain a habit thats good for them to be profecient in the sport. Homework is not seen to be a punishment, but as a requirement to become better as a student and athlete. Homework allows athletes to conduct self reflections, questions of their experiences, develop fluency and ensures them how to stay steadfast to conquer their ultimate task. Homework is a needed necessity to grow.